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News article  12 JUNE 2012

GLEN PARK — Brittany M. Walroth struggled through school since second grade, when she was diagnosed as learning disabled.

Growing up in the General Brown Central School District, Brittany had an individualized education program, and despite on several occasions being told by other children that she was stupid, she graduated from high school in 2004. She worked for the Child Development Center on Fort Drum for six years, before she died in a car accident July 5, 2010, at 23.

Now, her parents, Neil J. and Darlene G. Walroth, Main Street, hope to help graduating General Brown seniors with similar challenges succeed, and go on to college or a technical school, with the help of the Brittany Walroth Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The Walroths said they had been witness to learning disabled students’ struggles and their problems with self-esteem and self-confidence.

“We wanted them to be recognized,” Mrs. Walroth said. “These kids never get recognized.”

Mr. Walroth said he hopes the scholarship fund is a success for those students, because all they need is people to believe in them.

The scholarship fund began with some of the couple’s own funds and has grown to need the establishment of a benefit to sustain it. The event will be from 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday at the Thousand Islands Winery, 43326 Seaway Ave No. 1, Alexandria Bay.

A donation will be requested at the door. No reservations are required. There will be about 50 raffle items and a silent auction of signed sports memorabilia, including an autographed Wayne Gretzky poster.

Mr. Walroth said he would love to see the benefit succeed because increased donations will not only sustain the fund, but also give other school districts a chance to become involved.

“It helps us also keep Brittany’s name alive,” Mrs. Walroth said.The more partners join the effort, the more scholarships will be awarded, the Walroths said..






 My wife Darlene and myself Neil Walroth hold a annual fundraiser at the American Legion on Saturday during General Brown Days in memory of our daughter Brittany Walroth, who was killed in a Car accident.  We have set up “ The Brittany Walroth Memorial Scholarship Fund“ which is administrated by the Northern New York Community Foundation.  It is a fund set up for seniors graduating from area High Schools who have IEP'S (learning disabilities.) Our goal is to add additional schools each year.  

We are always looking for Hot Rods, Custom Cars and Motorcycles to attend the event.  So if you have the time and want to help a great cause please bring your car or bike to our fundraiser.